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Mountain William BBQ - Competition BBQ Team
Vittles for the Sophisticated Hillbilly

What's a Mountain William?

noun. Sophisticated Hillbilly
adj. meaning not a hillbilly or a redneck anymore,
Moved past the point of being an white-trash hillbilly

My family of Mountain Williams come from Kentucky but a real Mountain William can be from Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and other states where hills, cricks and hollers make up the entire terrain. A Mountain William may try to deny his heritage but still must be within 5 miles of a major shopping mall or at least a flea market at all times. He has virtually no sign of any accent and hardly ever says "Ya'll" in a sentence at least around others. A Mountain William might say he ain't no hillbilly because he's from the good side of the mountain, at least if'n you're asking him...

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